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Carlinghow Princess Royal School


Carlinghow Princess Royal School is part of the BBEST partnership of schools in the local area. All the schools have a similar approach to meeting the needs of pupils who have special educational needs and or disabilities, this is often revered to as SEND.

Kirklees Local Authority support the schools to ensure that all pupils make the best progress in school. All the schools in the partnership aim to be inclusive so that the needs of pupils with SEND can be met in a mainstream setting.

If you have any questions about Carlinghow school offer or concerns about your child please contact the SENCO [Special Educational Needs Coordinator] tel. 01924326371


Here are some of the frequently asked questions:

What should I do if I think my child has special educational needs and needs extra help?

At Carlinghow Princess Royal we want your child to be happy and achieve to their full potential but at times children may need extra help to develop and succeed.

If as a parent you have any concerns about your child’s progress or they may be having difficulties please talk to the class teacher.


How will school support my child with special educational needs [SEND]?

The teachers support all children including those with Special Educational needs and or disabilities through ‘quality first teaching’. This includes a high quality, inclusive broad and balanced curriculum that engages and supports all children with special education needs and or disabilities.

• This will include a well-planned and resourced learning environment and teaching that engages all pupils.

• Clear and precise objectives that are shared with the children.

• Children will be encouraged to take responsibility for their own learning when appropriate.

• Children who are supported with their learning in a group or at times individually.

• All children will be encouraged to know their own targets and how to achieve them.

If your child continues to experience difficulties they may need additional support. This is now referred to as SEN support. If school feels that this is necessary we will speak to you and explain what support they require. It may be that your child may need an adult working alongside them in a small group of children wit specific needs that have been discussed with the class teacher and SENCO. We can also ask for support from external agencies e.g. the educational psychologist, speech therapist, physiotherapist who have specialist knowledge.

We will support your child and discuss their progress. We will meet with parents and discuss their child’s progress and plan for their future support.

Children with SEN support make progress but there are some children who require a greater level of additional support.

Care plan [ previously known as a statement of educational needs]

There may be children who have complex and ongoing needs these children may be intitled to a Education and Health Care Plan [ EHC Plan]

This is a legal document and is issued by the local authority. Your child would be assessed by the local authority to obtain a EHC Plan and their needs would be continuous and would require a high level of support and perhaps further funding. The school has to pay some of this funding and some children may receive additional funding form the Local Authority to help school provide for extra support.

If your child requires an EHC Plan you will be supported with the process by the schools SENCO with the educational psychologist.


How will the curriculum be matched to my child’s needs?

The curriculum is panned so that the teachers match the learning activities to the individual child’s needs. There is continual assessment to ascertain how much they understand and plan the next steps in their learning.

Children will work in small groups, in pairs or individually with the class teacher. There will be an additional adult in the class who provides extra support for those who require it.

If your child requires SEN support the lass teacher will plan activities to meet their needs they may also need an additional adult to support them. If your child requires SEN support then they will have a ANP [additional needs plan] which the class teacher will share with the parents.

If your child has a EHC Plan they may be given support from an additional adult for part of the day. This support will be itemised in the ANP which the class teacer will share wit the parenst.

The level of support is decided by the Kirklees local authority.


What support will there be for my child’s overall well-being?

At Carlinghow Princess Royal School you will be asked to inform us of your child’s development and health. They may have allergies and who is their GP and dentist .

In reception your child will take part in the 5 year old screening, this is carried out by the school nurse who will check their growth, weight , vision and hearing.

The school has a pastoral team who regularly meet and monitor progress throughout school. They meet with the class teachers and keep a check on the child’s wellbeing and progress. Teachers may raise concerns that are followed up with the parents.


At times children who have Special educational needs and or disabilities [SEND] may require medication that ha to be given at school. Administration of medication will have to be discussed with the SENCO.

Sometimes a health care plan is required and the SENCO will contact the school nursing team who will put together a health care plan with regards to the individual’s needs.

Medication is stored in the school office. Insulin, Inhalers for asthma and Epi pens are kept in the child’s class in a container with child’s name clearly labelled. Children who require medication have to have written parental consent and when administered is signed by 2 adults, 1 who is a first aider.

The school nurse or specialist nurse [e.g. diabetic nurse] will provide support for parents and children who tae regular medication. Parents must keep us informed of any changes to medication or change in their child’s condition. If you have any concerns about your child’s health please inform your child’s class teacher.


What specialist services are available to support my child with SEND?

To enable us to support children with SEND a range of professional work very closely with us these include :-

Educational Psychologist

The sensory service

Speech therapy


Occupational therapist

Specialist provision


School nurse or Health visitor


What staff training is there in pace to support children with SEND?

Termly SEN network meetings held by the Local Authority so that staff can be updated with all training in order to support children with medical needs i.e diabetes, asthma and other more complex needs. We have staff who are paediatric first aid trained which is updated regularly.


How will my child be included in activities outside the classroom, including school trips?

The curriculum is planned to include learning inside and outside and the grounds have been developed to be used for forest schools work. The environment outside is continually being developed to provide a rich learning environment for all.

Children also have opportunities to take part in educational visits all children are included. All visits have a risk assessment and children with special educational needs and or disabilities [SEND] may require additional assessments all arrangements on how the children with specific needs will be transported will be discussed with parents.


How accessible is Carlinghow Princess Royal School?

The school was built to accommodate children with special educational need an or disabilities. The school is on one level with level access to each entrance. The school is equipped with hand rails, disabled toilets and changing facilities that include showers hoists and changing beds.


How can parents get involved at Carlinghow Princess Royal School?

At Carlinghow Princess Royal School parents are welcomed into school and teachers are available at the beginning and end of the day if this is not convenient then an appointment can be made for parents to meet with the teacher. Parent/ teacher meetings are held each term and give opportunities for parents to discuss their child’s progress with them.


What support do we have for you as a parent of a child with SEND?

Teachers are available to discuss the child’s progress and or concerns parents may have. There may be things that are working well at home and school perhaps should use similar strategies. Parents may wish to meet with the SENCO to discuss the child’s progress and this can be arranged through contact with the school office. Regular meetings will be arranged so parents are informed of the child’s progress outside agencies will attend where appropriate.

A home school book may be used to keep parents informed as some children are transported to and from home and school these are used by parents and staff .


Who can I contact for further information?

If you are worried or require further information about your child please come into school and speak to a member of staff. We can offer advice and support. The class teacher may be the best person in the first instance if you need support about your childs special educational needs then the SENCO is also available.

It may be also useful to contact one of the following organisations that offer support and advice for parents:

Kirklees Parent Partnership [ SENDIAS – SEN and Disability Information Advice and Support]

Kirklees PCAN – [ Parents of Children with Additional Needs]