Carlinghow Academy

KS2 Results


KS2 end of primary school results 2019

Average progress measures:

Reading: -1.09

Writing: -0.96

Maths: -0.93

Average scaled scores:

Reading: 101.4                        

Maths: 103.1

SPaG: 103

Percentage of pupils who achieved expected standard or above:

Reading: 64%

Writing: 67.3%

Maths: 69.1%

SPaG: 67%

Combined Reading, writing and maths: 56.4%

Percentage of pupils who achieved a higher standard/ working at a greater depth within the expected standard:

Reading: 18%

Writing: 15%

Maths: 18%

SPaG: 22%

Combined Reading, writing and mathematics pupils achieving a high score :7%



School Performance Tables Please click on the link to view the school performance tables.