Year 1/2 - Miss H McAvoy

Autumn Half Term 1 in HMY1/2


Dear Parents,

Welcome to class HMY1/2 which is a class of 26 enthusiastic children. The class teacher is Miss McAvoy and Mr Brayshaw, who will teach music and PSHCE on a Monday morning. The class will have the fantastic support of Mrs Chapman from Monday to Thursday and Mrs Hall on a Monday and Tuesday morning and Friday all day. and Friday all day.


Important days:


  • PE is on a Tuesday and Thursday-It is advised that children bring their PE kits on Monday and keep them in school until Friday, when they can take their kits home to be washed for the following week’s PE lessons.
  • Homework and spellings will be sent home on a Friday. The homework will build on the work we have done in class during that week. Children must remember to complete it for the Monday that follows. The spelling test will be on
  • Celebration assembly will be on Friday afternoons at 2.30pm to celebrate children’s achievements. Please feel free to come along any Friday afternoon.
  • It is extremely important that children remember to read every night and bring their reading books/records back into school the next morning. It is an excellent way for you to help your child succeed in both reading and writing!


Curriculum Information

English- In English the children will be reading the pirate themed story and poetry books ‘A New Home for a Pirate’ by Rhonda Armitage and ‘Yo Ho Ho! A Pirating we’ll go’ by Kaye Umansky. We will be using these books to learn how to write captions and sentences, and we will begin to add interesting adjectives to our work too. We will explore poems and letters and create our own messages that could have been sent ashore. In reading we are working in groups to share different types of book. We discuss the things we have read and give our thoughts and feelings about each book. We also try hard to answer questions about stories, thinking about how characters are feeling and why things have happened. The children will continue practising their phonics every day in year 1/2 and we learn the high frequency words by heart.

Maths- In Maths, the children will follow the mixed year 1/2 maths curriculum. Year 1 children will be revisiting their knowledge of counting, representing and becoming more confident with numbers to 20 as well as adding and subtracting with numbers to 20. Whereas, year 2 children will concentrate on becoming more confident with counting and representing numbers to 100 and adding and subtracting to 100.

Science - This half term the children will be following different topics. The year 1 children will work with Mr. Brayshaw on the topic of ‘My Body,’ where the children will learn the name of the body parts and their functions, including the 5 senses. Year 2 children will have science with Miss McAvoy and will be focusing on growth and survival for humans. The children will learn the stages of development in humans and what we need to be able to survive.


Our class topic work this half term:

Geography- The children will be focusing on identifying and locating the continents and oceans of the world. Children will progress onto finding out more information and identify countries within those continents.


Art: The children are focusing on portraits, developing their understanding of artists who have created portraits and the expression that they portray and use these to create their own portrait,


RE – The children will focus on special books across Christianity, Judaism and Islam. The children will identify how to identify a special book and how they treated.


PHSCE – We will begin with the topic ‘Being in me in my world.’ The children will look at similarities and difference between themselves and their friends. They will discuss how they feel when they succeed and when they are met with challenges.


PE- This half term the children will be doing multi-skills, focusing on the fundamental skills, which include, throwing, catching, movement and hand-eye co-ordination.


Music: In music, the children will be focusing on using instruments or their bodies to create patterns within sounds.