Home School Agreement


For Carlinghow Princess Royal School


Mrs L Gallagher


For the Home







Welcome to Carlinghow Princess Royal School. We believe that a close partnership between home and school is vital to help children and young people get the best from their education. 

Home-School agreements are part of every school’s partnership with parents. This agreement enables parents, teachers and pupils at our school to make a clear commitment to working together.

This agreement makes clear what is expected of teachers, parents and pupils, so that pupils will be able to work hard and be happy, safe and successful at school.   We also hope it will help parents to take an active part in their child’s education.

If you or your child has a problem or you need information please always see staff in your child’s class first.

If they can’t help or can’t resolve the issue

Ask at the office or telephone to see:-

The Headteacher - Mrs L Gallagher

The Deputy Head – Barbara Fretwell

The Assistant Head – Christine Peel

The Assistant Head - Khalil Patel



Home will:

  • Make sure children are fit to learn by having enough sleep and eating a healthy diet without too much sugar
  • Ensure children attend on time every day that they are fit and well enough to do so
  • Always attend parents evenings
  • Offer to help when you can with reading friends and other school initiatives
  • Talk with staff -Tell us if there are any problems - Tell us if things are going well
  • Help by signing the homework diaries (KS2 only)
  • Ensure children wear sensible shoes that they can run and play in, without risk of injury
  • Encourage children to wear the school uniform
  • Set a good example in terms of appropriate behaviour and language at all times but especially in the school grounds and premises
  • Support the school behaviour policy in order that all children in class can learn without fear of disruption or intimidation
  • Give praise at home for good behaviour and work

School will:

  • Make sure that parents have information about their child’s work, progress and behaviour
  • Do their best to ensure that letters get home even when a child has been absent
  • Ensure that in every year group and every class children can access different experiences to enhance their life chances
  • Tell parents if there are any problems
  • Tell parents when there are successes – we like to know when our children have done well
  • Ensure that there are avenues open to deal with any concerns and complaints within 24 hours (term time weekdays)
  • Notify parents quickly of any injuries needing medical attention (always putting the child’s needs first)
  • Maintain homework diaries (KS2 only)
  • Support parents in encouraging children to wear the school uniform
  • Always see the best in the children and ensure that each day starts positively
  • Make sure that all children behave in class and out at play so that all children can learn without fear of disruption or intimidation

Governors will:

  • support the school
  • ensure that any problems are dealt with effectively and quickly
  • ensure that anyone intimidating children, parents or staff is dealt with appropriately

Pupils will:

  • Come to school ready to learn
  • Work hard in lessons
  • Attend regularly and arrive on time
  • Keep school and class rules
  • Do homework and return it on time
  • Read regularly and return books to school
  • Take home letters, notes and reports from school and give them to parents/carers.
  • Talk with parents/carers, teachers and staff about any worries in school

We want your child to be happy with us – please tell us if you have any worries or concerns. Our Learning Mentors will help you talk to the teachers if you want them to.

Our behaviour mentors, Alison Killeen, Helen Griffiths, Jenni Marchant, and Afreen Aslam help us develop good behaviour in school.


They will also help you deal with any behaviour problems at home – just ask to speak to them.