Year 6 - Mr D Miree

Dear Parents and Carers,

Welcome back to another exciting academic year. This will be the beginning of the last year at Carlinghow and also one that will be an eventful journey towards SAT’s and the transition into Secondary education. I am really looking forward towards helping your child succeed in their learning and build on their successes from last year. This half term our topic is based around the History of Ancient Greece.



Year 6 we will begin with Performance poetry. This will help the class bond and grow in confidence to express themselves through a written poem of their own. We will also be reading a range of Non-Fiction texts including leaflets. Our writing will mainly be persuasive and balanced arguments. We will also be writing our own modern version of a Greek Myth.



This half term we will be covering key objectives within Place Value, numbers to ten million, rounding and negative numbers in context. We will revise the four operations and solve number and practical problems too.



Our topic is Animals including humans. Your child will be taught to: identify and name the main parts of the human circulatory system, and describe the functions of the heart, blood vessels and blood, recognise the impact of diet, exercise, drugs and lifestyle on the way their bodies function and describe the ways in which nutrients and water are transported within animals, including humans.



Ancient Greece Creating a timeline of Ancient Greece and the gods and goddesses and the myth of creation. Identifying the gods and goddesses in art/stories. Investigating Greek life: Athens vs Sparta – homes, food, war and weapons, women, children & jobs. Finding out who and what they controlled in the world and compare to modern day Greece we will also be Looking at the history of the Olympics: when it began, the story of marathon, events and the people involved.


Physical Education/Drama

Our focus will be on Invasion games, we will be learning how to play fairly and competitively. We will also be learning the importance of keeping our body healthy through a range of exercises too.


Art & Design:

We will be studying sculpture and creating our own Greek vase. We will also be researching modern artist such as Andy Goldsworthy and comparing modern sculpture to that of Ancient Greece.


Religious Education, PSHE.

During R.E and PSHE we will concentrate on How should we live and who should inspire us? Question we will be focusing on will be: Who is a great leader, what makes a great role model, what does an inspirational person do? And how can I learn from inspirational people? We will also be learning about each others qualities in the classroom too.



Our focus this half term will be on singing songs and performance. This will help de-stress ourselves from the daily Sat revision and also build our confidence and self-esteem too.


MFL (modern foreign languages):

This half term, the pupils will be learning how to greet, count and recognise colours in French. We will be singing French songs and learning about the French culture too.



Homework will be given out every Friday and your child will be expected to hand their completed homework task back in first thing Tuesday morning. Can you please support your child by encouraging them to complete their independent learning task. P.S. there will be added homework through the week too.


Your child is further supported by Mrs Kent and Miss Younis. I hope you have found this information useful and that you can find ways to support your child’s learning.

I look forward to meeting you at Parents’ Evening, if not before!

Our classroom has an open door policy so if you need to chat regarding your child’s education, then please do not hesitate to talk to me.

Yours faithfully,

Mr. D. Miree.

Dmyr6, Class Teacher