Year 3/4 - Mr K Patel & Mrs N Dale

Y3/4 Mr Patel & Mrs Dale


Welcome to class KPNDY3/4

Hello and welcome to Mr Patel and Mrs Dale’s Year 3/ class, where we hope to have a superb year!

Mrs Schofield and Mrs Dean are the support staff who help us with our learning


Things to remember:


  • Reading records - Please make sure you listen to your child read each day and sign their reading records. It is an excellent way for you to help your child succeed in both reading and writing!
  • Times tables - Your child should spend 5 minutes each day to learn their times tables. This will really help with answering the calculations they need to solve.
  • Our spelling test is on Friday. New spellings are sent home the previous Monday, so make sure you help your child practice them ready for their test.
  • Homework will be set every Friday and will be an extension of what the children have been learning about in school. Please ensure homework is completed and returned to school by the following Monday.
  • Swimming is on Monday morning, so make sure your child comes to school with their swimming costume (swimsuit for girls, trunks or lycra shorts, not long shorts for boys), hat and towel. Remember, if your child wears earrings, they are not allowed to swim with them in, so we advise you to take them out before coming to school.
  • PE is on Thursday afternoon so make sure your child comes to school with their PE kit - T-shirt and shorts, trainers, sweatshirt or hoodie and jogging bottoms for outdoor sessions. No football shirts, please.
  • Celebration assembly is on a Friday afternoon - Children who have impressed the adults in class will be chosen as our star pupil of the week and will receive a certificate of achievement. All mums, dads, grandparents or carers are welcome to come along any week.



Spring term 1


Literacy – We will be reading ‘The Egyption Echo’ this half term

We will be looking at a range of writing including narratives, letter writing and newspaper articles

Children will have regular opportunities to have a go at writing their own.

We will be learning how sentences are structured and how having plenty of practice in our writing, helps develop writing further.


Maths – We will be continuing working on place value and addition and subtraction to help build fluency in Maths. We will move on to multiplication and division. We will learn that division is all about grouping and sharing, and that we need to know our times-tables to help us divide. We will move on to looking and different measures and money


Science – We will be learning about rocks and also sound. Children will learn how to name different rocks and soils and understand how they were formed over time. Children will also learn how sound is made and how it travels to our ears. They will learn about the inner ear and how the different parts help us hear sounds. Children will play, carry out and evaluate scientific investigations, learning the importance of fair testing.


Topic – Our topic this half term is called Ancient Egypt. Children will use maps and atlases to locate Egypt. They will learn about the rich History of Egypt and how this has formed the Egypt that we see today. They will learn about artefacts and how they were made and preserved. Children will learn about Egyptian Art and have the opportunity to work with clay to produce their own vase. Children will learn to sing some traditional songs as part of their learning.


Computing – Children will be covering the topic ‘We are presenters.’ They will have the opportunity to take photos and videos of different objects. They will then be able to edit make a video using their editing skills to produce a advert.


French – Children will learn about words that are to do with our classroom. They will French words for general classroom behaviour.



RE – Children will learn about questions of meaning, purpose and truth. They will also learn about co-operation and cohesion. They will learn what it means to belong to a particular group or community. They will also learn about community cohesion and ways in which diverse communities can live together for the well-being of all. They will learn how people from different faiths, and different beliefs can get along and live as a community for the well-being of all.


PHSE - We will be following the school PHSE scheme “Jigsaw”. We will look at dreams and goals. Children will learn about aspiring to become something. They will learn that things might not go exactly as we want, but that we can try to achieve our goals by working hard and giving it our best attempt.


PE – Children will be dance this half term. We will be doing some Egyptian dancing and the children will learn about moving their bodies in different ways.


The adults in class are working hard to make sure that the children in our class have a happy and successful year. If you wish to discuss anything concerning your child, please call in and see us at the beginning or end of the school day when we are usually available, or make an appointment at the office