Year 5/6 - Mr K Patel & Mrs N Dale

Autumn Half Term in KP/NDY5/6

Dear Parents,

Welcome to class KP/NDY5/6.

Mr Patel and Mrs Dale are the class teachers and we also have Mrs Tuck and Mr Dadi in class to support the children. We have 28 pupils in the class, who are all set to enjoy this half term in the run up to Christmas!

Here are some important days for children in KP/NDY5/6:

PE is on Monday and Tuesday. It is advised that children bring their PE kits on Monday and keep them in school until Tuesday, when they can take their kits home to be washed for the following week’s PE lessons.

Homework will be sent home on a Friday. The homework will build on the work we have done in class during that week. Children must remember to complete it for the Monday that follows. Spellings will be sent home along with the homework and the test will be on the Friday of the next week.

Friday morning at 9.15am is our celebration assembly where the whole school celebrates achievement. Please feel free to come along any Friday morning!

It is extremely important that children remember to read every night and bring their reading books/records back into school the next morning. It is an excellent way for you to help your child succeed in both reading and writing!


If you have any questions, please call in and speak to Mr Patel or Mrs Dale.


Curriculum Information

Literacy- Our class reader this half term will be The Wizard of Oz. Children will read this classic novel and enjoy getting lost in Oz! In our reading lessons, we will also spend lots of time analysing different fiction and non-fiction texts to look at the meaning, language structure and organisation within them. We will be focussing on retrieval questions and using evidence from the text to build our inference skills.

In writing, we will be focusing on getting into the role of the character, using The Wizard of Oz as inspiration. We will be hot-seating, undertaking character studies, writing in role of the character and rewriting parts of the story in the first person. We will continue to develop children’s writing skills and will use the skills learned from reading and SPAG to be able to write in detail and at length.

This half term, our SPAG will focus on pronouns (including relative pronouns), determiners, clauses (including relative clauses) and phrases. Please feel free to explore these with your child at home.

In preparation for SATs, the Year 6’s will complete extra activities in SPAG, reading and writing to get them ready for the SATs which are in May. Please support your child with this by ensuring they complete their homework and try to do as much extra work as they can at home.


Maths- We will be following the new maths curriculum and will start by recapping statistics by focusing on line graphs and timetables.

We will be consolidating our understanding of multiplication and division, ensuring each child has a secure understanding of the written long and short methods and is able to use them to solve word problems. Children will need to make sure that they are learning their times tables.

We will finish this half term by calculating area and perimeter. In this unit of work, we will focus on using shapes and recapping basic 2d shapes.

In preparation for SATs, the Year 6’s will complete extra sessions of Maths activities to get them ready for the SATs which are in May. Please support your child with this by ensuring they complete their homework and try to do as much extra work as they can at home.



Science - This term we will look at the following unit of work:


Year 5’s will learn about movements in a variety of real life situations and understand the idea of push and pull and how forces slow things down.

Children will be able to explain that unsupported objects fall towards the Earth because of the force of gravity acting between the Earth and the falling object. Other forces we will be looking at are air resistance, water resistance and frictions.


This ‘Light’ unit (Year 6’s) will teach our class about light, how we see, shadows, reflection and refraction. The children will learn how light travels and how this enables us to see objects. They will demonstrate their knowledge by making and starring in their own television programme!

They will work scientifically and collaboratively to investigate refraction, carrying out some fascinating experiments into the effects of bending light. Furthermore, they will have chance to predict what will happen in an exciting investigation into the visible spectrum. They will work in a hands-on way to explore how light creates the colours we see.


This half term, we will be learning the foundation subjects through the topic of Extreme Earth

Geography- We will learn to name the layers that make up the Earth as well as be able to name the key parts of a volcano. Children will be able to locate on a map where most volcanoes are found and will explain how to keep safe during an earthquake. Children will also be able to describe a tsunami as well as describing the damage caused by a tsunami. They will explain how tornados form and will describe how scientists collect data about storms.


Art - In Art, children will Explore Hokusai’s ‘The Great Wave’ and will understand how woodblock prints are used to create this famous painting. They will create their own version of ‘The Great Wave’ as well. Children will also learn how to create a volcano sculpture using paper mache and will also use science to make them erupt! 


Computing – The children will look at the unit ‘We are artists’ where they will explore various programmes to create linking patterns. They will explore how to create tessellating patterns using software as well as linking it to Islamic artwork in RE.


Music – We will learn to play instruments and perform as a group. They will also be using their voices as an accompaniment to their musical instruments to compose a piece for a video with an earthquake disaster. Children will listen to each other’s performances, evaluating them as they listen.


French – Children will be looking at the unit ‘Eating Out’. They will be learning to speak in French when ordering a specific food or when discussing meals. Children will learn phrases including discussing their favourite foods. Children will also learn to write sentences in French in this unit of work.


RE – The focus of this half term is identity and belonging. Children will design a piece of art to reflect an event from a story or creation to illustrate what is important in the Jewish tradition. Children will also learn to describe similarities and differences in the ways different traditions express what ‘belonging’ means to them.


PHSCE – The unit of work this half term is ‘Celebrating Differences’. Children will be exploring what makes them unique, but at the same time what makes us all the same. They will learn that we can all get along together and will celebrate what makes us all different to one another.


PE- This half term we will be looking at Gymnastics. Children will learn to explore point balances as well as partner balances, shifting their body weight onto a specific part of their body. They will also learn to explore movements created with their bodies, looking at travel and sequence.